Family Office

Family Office

Trust and Estate Planning 

  • Asset protection
  • Legacy planning
  • Beneciary management and monitoring
  • Family bank creation and oversight
  • Globalization of assets
  • Consulting on trust and entity formation
  • Leveraged asset transfers
  • Family trust overview and education for
  • children
  • Special needs trust consulting
  • Family LLC/LLP annual gifting plan

Family Business

  • Business Valuation
  • Estate equalization
  • Succession planning
  • Executive compensation planning
  • Cash management
  • Risk management
  • Corporate maintenance solutions

Advanced Insurance and Tax

  • Estate tax projections
  • Leveraged asset transfer
  • Beneficiary mapping
  • Tax efficient distribution/income planning Insurance audit 
  • Insurance consulting: umbrella, life, disability, long term care, health Arranging specialty insurance for luxury items

Credit Management and Private Investment Banking

  • Investment centered credit strategy Overview and analysis of personal credit and monitoring
  • Introduction to suite of banking professionals
  • Sourcing bank loans for capital raising and expansion
  • Consulting on leveraged buyouts and management buyouts

Family Generosity

  • Family foundation consulting and management
  • Donor advised fund management Facilitated family meetings
  • Family service and vision trips for children

Concierge Client Service

  • Family office retreats (family, health, wealth)
  • Concierge medicine partners
  • Family security assessment and recommendations
  • Household staff payroll solutions Financial education for children

Globalization of Assets

Globalization of Assets

For clients that are internationally mobile, and need help with their complex, multi-jurisdictional lives, Integrity works with our family oce professional partners to advise clients interested or needing to secure additional citizenships, or residency rights through direct investment in income producing assets abroad (ie. real estate and private equity).


Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments

One of the key benefits of the multi-family oce is an access point to alternative investments.

For many individual investors, high quality alternative investments such as private equity, hedge funds, commercial real estate, private income, energy and infrastructure, have been dicult to access.

Historically, institutional investors such as endowments, pensions, and sovereign wealth funds have utilized alternative investments as a core part of their allocation.

As an independent fiduciary advisor, the multi-family office works with due diligence partners to analyze alternative opportunities in great detail and chooses to partner with upper quartile managers that have demonstrated success over a period of time.

Family CFO

Family CFO

The Family CFO exists to organize and oversee the nancial activities of the family and provide

sound guidance on all matters related to nance. Utilizing best-in-class technology, the Family

CFO is able to organize the nancial aairs in meticulous detail and provide an ongoing personal

balance sheet and cash management solutions to the family. Furthermore, a Family CFO is

able to assemble a rst-class team of professionals across multiple disciplines (tax, legal, etc.) or

work with the family’s existing professionals to create a collaborative advisory ecosystem. In

many situations a Family CFO also aords the family additional social grace, as the Family CFO

can be the initial lter for grant requests and solicitations for investments in private deals from

close friends and nancial requests from close relatives.


  • CEO
  • COO
  • Family CFO


Family is family.