Create An Online Account

Your 401(k) provider is Paychex

This plan comes equipped with an interactive web portal, which provides you 24/7 access to your account balance and activity. Additionally, your online account is where you will be implementing virtually all of the actions we cover in this course.

Although the majority of plan administrators provide written directions on account creation for new participants, your financial advisor is also capable of walking you through the process if you encounter difficulty.

Getting Started

The first time you access your Paychex 401(k) account online. you will need to complete the registration process:

1. Go To

2. Select “Sign-Up” on the bottom left-hand corner.

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Register Your Account

Follow the instructions to create your account. After completion, you will be logged in to your account where you can find your retirement services.

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Make Changes

  1. To access your account in the future, go to and login with the username and password you created.
  2. The system may require a two-step verification to your phone number listed  via text or call.
  3. Once logged in, select “Retirement Services” on the upper left-hand menu to view your account. From here, you can make changes to your deferral amount or update your investment elections.
  4. You may also make changes to your account by contacting Paychex Employee Services 1-877-244-1771 to speak to a Paychex representative