Scott Smith

Scott M Smith graduated with a BA in Education, History, and Mathematics from the University of Northern Iowa. While Scott studied, his father taught him the potential of investing, seeding the money he earned during the summers away from school. Scott emerged with his degree and not a penny of debt, taking away a love of financial management and soon went on to study Financial Planning at The American College of Financial Planning. Scott’s passion for customer service and a desire to incorporate himself into the world of finance led him to a position as a Special Agent with Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance and then on to UBS Paine Webber as an Investment Consultant in 1998. Scott gathered and managed assets in excess of $100M in diversified stock, bond, and alternative investment vehicles before launching his own LLC, Ozone Consulting, in 2002. As his company grew, he developed his skills in leadership, sales strategies, new business development, interim leadership, and business planning as well as coming to a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by small businesses. Joining Integrity Financial is an exciting career move for Scott who believes that wise investments and financial wellness are integral in creating longevity and long-term family plans. His heart for philanthropy also resonates closely with Integrity’s dedication to charitable work and partnerships with non-profit organizations like Mission of Hope, Haiti. Through creating a sound financial plan and encouraging a caring, future-focused financial plan, Scott brings his professional experience in client development and high-level customer service to Integrity with the desire to create long-lasting, positive change for his clients.